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Tax fraud: Roussel (PCF) wants a “closed prison” for the culprits.

The PCF presidential candidate Fabien Roussel proposed on Tuesday to create a “prison sentence” without the possibility of “negotiating fines” for business leaders guilty of tax evasion and evasion.

If elected, the Communist leader, who forced businessman Bernard Arnault, the majority shareholder of luxury group LVMH, to publish the accounts of his holding Groupe Arnault by suing him in 2019, would this fight “a priority fight with ultimately prison for those who defraud”, while successive governments “have chosen to negotiate fines”, he denounced on LCI.

Should Bernard Arnault be behind bars? “If a CEO, a big boss, whoever he is, was convinced of fraud, of tax optimization, he must go through the prison box,” replied the national secretary of the PCF.

He indicated that he would appoint Senator from the North Eric Bocquet, vice-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, as “minister responsible for the fight against tax fraud and evasion”.

Citing the estimated range of 80 to 100 billion euros per year of the shortfall for the French budget put forward by the Solidaires Finances Publiques union, he explained that he would use this amount for “hospitals, schools, youth, health “.

In addition to tax penalties, the perpetrators of tax evasion risk 500,000 euros in fines and five years ‘imprisonment, and up to three million euros in fines and seven years’ imprisonment if an organized gang committed the acts.

Less than a year before the presidential election, Fabien Roussel said “fear” abstention, and urged “popular categories” to vote, to “invade the ballot boxes and be respected”, when indeed, according to him, “not a voice will not be lacking among the rich “to” defend the candidate Macron “.

He criticized “the weight of the polls on the choice of voters” and the fact that “somewhere,” these studies tell them: “there is no point in going to vote, the result we know”.

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