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Metro’s net profit is up.

Metro President and CEO Eric La Flèche

Food and drug giant Metro reported Wednesday that it posted a second-quarter net income of $ 188.1 million compared to $ 176.2 million a year earlier.

During this period, its sales grew 5%, from $ 3.99 billion to $ 4.19 billion. Comparable grocery store sales increased 5.5%, while similar drugstore sales declined 0.8% from the second quarter of 2020 to this year.

Diluted net earnings per share were $ 0.75 in the most recent second quarter, 8.7% higher than a year earlier.

Metro adds that revenue for the first 24 weeks of fiscal 2021 reached $ 8.47 billion compared to $ 8.02 billion for the corresponding period of 2020, an increase of 5.6%.

This week, the board of directors declared a quarterly dividend of $ 0.25 per share, the same amount reported in the last quarter.

Metro President and CEO Eric La Flèche say the company is currently experiencing peak sales at the start of the pandemic last year and is confident that revenue will remain high from the previous one. The pandemic.

Metro nevertheless predicts that on the food side, given the extraordinary sales achieved last year at the start of the pandemic, there will be a drop in food store sales in the short term.

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