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JP Morgan forces return to office in July.

Bank JPMorgan Chase told its US workers on Tuesday that it expected them to return to the office, at least part-time, by July at the latest.

“With the United States surpassing its target of more than 200 million COVID-19 vaccines and more cities and states lifting restrictions, we will open our US offices to all employees on Monday, May 17,” subject to an occupancy limit of 50%”, it is written in a memo sent to all employees in the country.

The establishment, the most prominent American bank in terms of assets, says it wants to give them time to be comfortable again in a closed space accommodating several people.

But “we expect that by the beginning of July, all employees based in the United States will come to work in the office on a regular basis, always within the limit of 50% occupancy,” he added.

Employees must, therefore, “start to make their arrangements” and organize their schedules with their superiors.

“We sincerely believe that working together and in person is important for our culture, our customers, our activities and our teams” is it written in the memo prepared by the operational committee of the bank and consulted by AFP.

JPMorgan Chase subsidiaries abroad will continue to follow the rules in place in each country.

As the vaccination campaign progresses in the United States, many companies are beginning to consider “the life after” in the office.

Like Microsoft, several large groups have already planned to adopt a “hybrid” system, allowing employees to mix telework and face-to-face.

In his annual letter to shareholders released on April 7, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon raised the possibility that some employees could work full-time from home.

But “in general”, “many employees will work in the office full time”, especially those in agencies receiving the public or those dealing with specific tasks such as check processing, he said.

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