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Fishing for candidates on TikTok, Instagram and other Snapchat

“Are we recruiting, are you coming?”: Against a background of techno music and small dance steps, employers hunt down candidates on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks, convinced that it is not a “gadget”, even if the impact in terms of hiring remains “marginal” for the time being.
While the health crisis has increased the use of the web, in particular among young people (+ 24% in 2020 among 15-24-year-olds, according to Médiamétrie), these networks allow companies in particular to dust off their image and reach out to new profiles, sometimes far from traditional canals.

At the beginning of June, Pôle Emploi launched a #MissionEmploi partnership with TikTok. In a small video tablet, Bouchra, advisor to the public operator, tight jeans and pierced nose, provides “tips” to optimize his CV.

On the networks since 2012 (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube … with more than a million subscribers in total), Pôle Emploi said that it lacked a presence on this channel used by approximately “half of 15-24 years old, “Misoo Yoon, deputy director-general responsible for the service offer, told AFP.

Produced internally, the videos have garnered “more than a million views”, the operator estimating to have avoided the pitfall of being “beside the mark”.

Employers are also increasingly interested in the platform … until recently, the national police.

At the SNCF, Catherine Woronoff-Arnaud, director of recruitment, explains that the relatively young audience of the network corresponds to the company’s target since “two thirds” of people recruited each year are under 30 years old.

Not wanting to arrive with its “big clogs”, the SNCF had recourse to influencers. Via small videos “quite offbeat”, seven jobs were presented as that of a train driver, Sébastien explaining between two “tchou-tchou!”, His job consisting, he says, in … “driving trains”.

The campaign reached 1.5 million views. In terms of recruitments, “for the moment it is still marginal, but we say to ourselves that we must continue because things are moving fast enough”, says the manager.

“When you want to promote your employment opportunities, your trades”, networks are “essential” for specific populations not necessarily familiar with job sites, also notes Dominique Raze, director of the employer brand at Carrefour.

“It’s not a gimmick,” and the share of recruitments from networks is “not so microscopic”, she assures us. For example, in 2020, a recruitment campaign for work-study students and interns garnered 12.2 million views on Snapchat in two weeks. In addition, 13,500 CVs were received over three months (+ 50% compared to the previous year) on the various networks.

The same observation that “it works” at Orano (formerly Areva), subject, explains Marianne Aran-Bernard, responsible for social networks, to have “a tone to hang”. The health crisis was “a tipping point”, accelerating the phenomenon and “we are now on this momentum”, indicates the group.

At Système U, a campaign was launched last summer on various networks, including TikTok, with the help of a specialized agency, Bonanza, to find apprentice butchers. Ultimately, “around sixty applications” were successful for this “profession which does not necessarily attract young people”, indicates Tatiana Mercatante, store HR manager.

Franck Magnan, the co-founder of Bonanza, who can target candidates according to their areas of interest, for example, reports an activity multiplied by three between 2019 and 2020. “Companies need to put themselves forward there. where people spend the most time. And social networks, since the Covid, everyone is on it 200%, “he said.

The interim company Proman has gone so far as to launch a campaign on … the dating app Tinder. Its managing director Roland Gomez says he has thus collected “2,000 additional applications” for logistics.

Will the trend be sustainable? At the SNCF, Catherine Woronoff-Arnaud believes that we must “be agile” because these networks are subject to “perpetual movements”. And slip into you

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