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Swedish Prime Minister Löfven presents his resignation.

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Swedish Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven on Monday announced his resignation a week after a vote of no confidence was passed against him.

The Speaker of the Stockholm Parliament, Andreas Norlén, will appoint a new head of government.

Stefan Löfven, who lost a vote of confidence in Parliament on June 21 after the Left Party’s withdrawal from the ruling coalition, had until midnight Sunday to find new parliamentary support and hope to be reappointed or convene early legislative elections.

“With one year to go before the next elections, and with the ongoing pandemic, early elections are not the best choice for Sweden. I have asked to be removed from my post as Prime Minister,” Stefan Löfven said at the meeting. A press conference.

The President of Parliament now can make up to four attempts to find a new Prime Minister with a sufficient majority of elected officials.

In the event of failure, an early poll would be automatically called, which would not prevent the legislative elections currently scheduled for September 2022.

Stefan Löfven, a former welder turned trade union leader, had been at the head of a center-left minority government since 2018, dependent on both the support of the Left Party and that of two small center-right formations.

The center-left and center-right blocs now enjoy a fair distribution in parliament, and opinion polls show that new elections might not change this balance of power.

Following the close parliamentary elections in 2018, it took Stefan Löfven four months to form a government.

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