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1After the regional crash, Macron plays the revival before the presidential election

Hiding the poor results of the majority in the regional, Emmanuel Macron is preparing the turn of the post-crisis, by focusing on the recovery from Monday, during a trip to Douai (North) with the scent of the presidential campaign, before a “Choose France” forum in the evening.
Admittedly, the initial objectives were hardly high for Mr. Macron, in this ballot promised to the outgoing who managed the health crisis. But the inability of the majority to disturb the slightest match, coupled with the flattering scores obtained by potential rivals on the right for 2022, encourage the head of state to quickly close the chapter and turn to the rest, with the relaunch post-Covid.

It is therefore a president to maneuver on the economic front who appeared Monday morning in Douai on the Renault site to announce the establishment of a Sino-Japanese battery mega-factory, with two billion euros. investments and 1,000 jobs to be achieved by 2024, launching a week focused on the theme of French attractiveness.

Monday evening, he will also receive 150 bosses in Versailles for “Choose France”, will inaugurate the premises of the JP Morgan bank on Tuesday then will end on Friday with the exhibition of “Made in France” products at the Elysee Palace, the opportunity to insist on the rebound in job creation and to enhance its balance sheet.

Sign that the kickoff of the presidential election of spring 2022 is given, he found Monday morning in the North Xavier Bertrand, reelected president of Hauts-de-France and especially opponent on the right for 2022. Mr. Bertrand, who intends to do of regional its launching pad, did not hesitate to steal from Mr. Macron the scoop of the announcement of the arrival of the Sino-Japanese group Envision in Douai, further proof that “war has been declared for a while” , says to Les Echos the one who hopes to turn the Macron-Le Pen duel upside down.

Sweeping the idea of ​​a big reshuffle, Mr. Macron must also clarify his project for the start of the school year. “I think he’s still going back and forth in his head,” assures a loved one.

“The country being at a turning point, the President of the Republic will speak (…) during the month of July (…) on the course which will bring us in the next 10 months to the presidential election, “government spokesman Gabriel Attal told FranceInfo on Monday.

– The question of pensions –
Among the subjects left open by the health crisis, the pension reform, which divides the entourage of the Head of State both on its form and on the schedule.

“You have to do it, but you also have to choose the right moment”, summed up Jean Castex to Figaro, while affirming that “it will not be the same” as that initiated by his predecessor Edouard Philippe.

While the social accounts have been considerably burdened by the Covid-19, part of the majority pleads for an increase in the retirement age, a measure which could be taken as soon as the next budget is voted in the fall.

“There, there is a good atmosphere, the clubs want to invest, people to work, to go on vacation, to relive. We must let this dynamic flourish, we cannot do that now”, retorts a relative. Of the president.

In a restricted parliamentary calendar, including texts still in shuttle such as the Climate Law, Mr. Macron has little room for a bill of magnitude. Progress on the care of dependency, signals aimed at young people such as the extension of the “youth guarantee” are expected, while the executive is also seeking to occupy the security field in the face of the pressure exerted on its. right.

At the same time, Mr. Macron also hopes to work for the consolidation, even the enlargement of his majority with a view to 2022.

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